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NCFE Level 1/2 Technical Award in Business and Enterprise

The knowledge and skills gained will provide a secure foundation for careers in the business and enterprise sector.

At The FAR Academy we are unique in the way we teach this course. Within the educational structure of the qualification, we get hands-on with:

  • Custom Skateboard design
  • Brand Development
  • Product design
  • Screen printing
  • Art and design
  • Skate park events
  • Work Experience

Some of the key features of our course include, developing partnerships with the community and external organisations, building relations with professional companies. Reaching out to the community and inspiring the local young people to become engaged in the organised skate events. Fundraising events and liaising with charities. Setting up a small business, to promote healthy lifestyles and also taking into account footwear clothing art and design and music.

Students are continuously mentored and guided, for those inspired to become a young entrepreneur and start a career or those choosing to follow the path to further education will receive support in CV building, job application and creating a portfolio of skills.

Who is this qualification for?

qualification is designed for learners who want an introduction to
business and enterprise that includes a vocational and project-based
element. The qualification will appeal to learners who wish to pursue
a career in the business and enterprise sector or progress to further

This Level
1/2 qualification is appropriate for learners who are looking to
develop a significant core of knowledge and understanding in business
and enterprise and how to apply their learning. It is appropriate for
learners who are motivated and challenged by learning through
hands-on experiences and through content which is concrete and
directly related to those experiences.

will the learner study as part of this qualification?

  • Entrepreneurial characteristics,
    business aims and objectives

  • Legal structures, organisational
    structures and stakeholder engagement

  • Market research, market types and
    orientation types

  • Understanding operations

  • Internal and external influences
    on business

  • Research, resource planning and
    growth for business

  • Human resource requirements for a
    business start-up
  • Sources of enterprise funding and
    business finance

  • Business and enterprise planning.


certificate qualifications provide post-16 learners with the
knowledge and skills they need for skilled employment or for further
technical study. Learners who achieve at Level 2 might consider
progression to Level 3 qualifications, an apprenticeship within
sectors such as a finance, marketing, human resources or employment.

Eligibility and Entry Requirements

Flexible entry requirements. Please contact us for individual eligibility.

If you would like to come and visit us or require further information
please contact us at