About us

The FAR Academy provides an alternative teaching style,
engaging students through art and woodwork with its
bespoke syllabus designing and building skateboards.

We are the UK’s first and only professional skateboard and longboard deck building and design academy.

Since its inception in 2009, The FAR Academy has a strong commitment to foster lasting improvements in society, with an emphasis on supporting and empowering youth throughout the UK. In 2014 a base for the Academy was established in Canterbury, Kent.

Alongside The FAR Academy we also run The FAR Skateboard Company, a skateboard company that is 100% owned by skaters for skaters, with all profits going back to the local skate community. Click here to visit The FAR Skateboard Company.

We are also the official UK supplier of Roarockit. We offer all the materials for you to build you own boards and the help and support to make your perfect boards Click here to visit Roarockit UK.

Our award winning team all have a huge passion to make education and enterprise the key for young people to succeed. Brent Lewis, founder, owner and director of The FAR Academy, The FAR Skateboard Company and Roarockit UK, is a qualified and experienced teacher with a special interest in helping disadvantaged youngsters.

Brent is a well-qualified professional teacher and is a leader in the field of alternative education with a proven track record of raising attainment. Brent is an outstanding classroom practitioner and exudes a passion for learning and has a driving ambition for every learner, sharing his philosophy that disadvantage is never a barrier to achievement.

We provide an alternative teaching style for young people who have become disengaged with traditional classroom based education.
The emphasis is on creating a positive attachment to learning. Our bespoke programmes equip young people with the qualifications and skills they need to flourish.

All students are welcome at The FAR Academy including NEETs (not in education, employment or training), LACs (looked after children) and SEN (special educational needs).


The FAR Academy is a Community Interest Company and social enterprise which provides an alternative teaching style for those who have become disengaged including NEETS, LAC’s and SEN, also programmes for gifted and talented students or can be embedded into existing secondary school programmes.

We give young people the opportunity to gain qualifications and reaffirm a positive attachment to learning through the bespoke and engaging syllabus, inspiring environment and experienced, dedicated staff.

We seek to foster lasting improvements in society, with an emphasis on supporting and empowering youth through courses within our unique learning environment.

Life skills and key employability underpins all the activities at The FAR Academy through the unique Project Based Learning (PBL) programmes which include a wide range of skills such as Communication, Relating to people, Enterprise, Applied skills, Thinking skills and Emotional intelligence. The FAR Academy equips young people with the key skills that they need to flourish.

The FAR Academy offers a supportive, personalised learning environment in which strong pastoral care runs throughout the activities. This helps to ensure that no young person gets lost within the programmes and that young people are able to build strong relationships with their peers and tutors. Crucially, we know students well, making them better able to tailor the curriculum to their individual needs and aspirations.

The evidence that we have collected over the years has found;

Students are focused, attentive and apply themselves to complete their decks.
At-Risk, Over/Under achievers easily grasp the learning concepts and excel in teamwork and mentorship which naturally occur during the build process. Students discover hand work skills they didn’t know they had.
The program provides great flexibility to include required learning.
Students relate well to skateboards and its counter-culture aspects.
It is a great opportunity to involve their immediate and outside community.

There are also many core curriculum subjects embedded within the programme and this is where The FAR Academy has now evolved for students to be engaged in a unique and inspiring learning environment.

Curriculum Subjects involved in our school program:

Science and Physics

Skateboards are made with atmospheric pressure to press the veneers over a mould into shape. Including experiments about the physics and practical uses of vacuums.


Maple veneer (especially Canadian-grown) is known to be the best in the world for skateboards. Learning about grain direction, strength of wood, preparing, gluing and finishing are part of our curriculum.


Skateboards have a “green” approach to many topics, including transportation, locally acquired materials, hand built, non-toxic materials, and leave only a small carbon footprint.

Art and Design

This section is generally the area that can be expanded the most and can fill an entire term. Include deck graphic concepts, the history of deck art, design and application, and many more topics.

Business and Entrepreneurship

Create an on-going program by building multiple decks with the reusable tools and Thin Air Press Kits. Create a company store, manage the funds, find sponsors, this can all be part of an on-going program.


Once students have the skills to hand make a skateboard deck, they can then assist or teach others through mentorship, outreach, summer camp and after-school programmes.