Hand-make and paint a completely
bespoke skateboard deck to your
own specifications.

Business Commitment To The Community

Our Awards and Accreditations
Team of the Year in Kent Teacher of the Year Awards 2016
Team of the Year in Kent Teacher of the Year Awards 2017
We provide an alternative teaching style for young people who have become disengaged with traditional classroom based education.

Curriculum Subjects involved in our school program:

Science and Physics

Skateboards are made with atmospheric pressure to press the veneers over a mould into shape. Including experiments about the physics and practical uses of vacuums.


Maple veneer (especially Canadian-grown) is known to be the best in the world for skateboards. Learning about grain direction, strength of wood, preparing, gluing and finishing are part of our curriculum.


Skateboards have a β€œgreen” approach to many topics, including transportation, locally acquired materials, hand built, non-toxic materials, and leave only a small carbon footprint.

Art and Design

This section is generally the area that can be expanded the most and can fill an entire term. Include deck graphic concepts, the history of deck art, design and application, and many more topics.

Business and Entrepreneurship

Create an on-going program by building multiple decks with the reusable tools and Thin Air Press Kits. Create a company store, manage the funds, find sponsors, this can all be part of an on-going program.


Once students have the skills to hand make a skateboard deck, they can then assist or teach others through mentorship, outreach, summer camp and after-school programmes.