Skateboard engagement courses in Kent
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Skateboard Engagement Courses

One Day Engagement Workshop

This course is suitable for young people from Year Five upwards. It is a fantastic introduction to the world of street art, design and skateboarding, taking place in our bespoke classroom which is designed to inspire and positively engage the students. The course includes the history of skateboarding, group deck build involving woodwork and the science of vacuum pressure, skate safety and skate park etiquette, graffiti art techniques and stencilling and spray painting techniques.

Towards the end of the workshop, students leave with a renewed feeling of self-esteem and achievement. They also have their sketch books, certificates, t-shirts and goodie bags to take home.

One Day Engagement Workshop
One Day Skate Safe Course and Helmet Design

One Day Skate Safe Workshop and Helmet Design

This course is suitable for young people from year five upwards. Students who have their own skateboard are welcome to bring it along to this course but it is not a requirement. The main emphasis within this course is safety, ranging from looking at the safety of your environment before you skate, whether it be a skate park or public area, to personal safety and skate park etiquette. Also included in the day is maintenance of your deck, problem solving equipment and understanding the process, looking at safety equipment and how it works through to designing and making your own skate helmet. Students’ confidence is boosted and they complete the course with a greater understanding of their environment their safety and a fantastic sense of achievement, along with certificates, t-shirts, goody bags and of course their own custom art worked helmet.

Beginners Six Week Course

Students attend one day per week. This course is suitable for young people from year nine upwards, it provides great flexibility to include required learning and is easily adapted for those students who have special educational needs, it can be used as a re-engagement tool for PRU students and NEETS. The FAR Academy is fully wheelchair accessible and caters for all abilities. On completion of the course we aim that students will be inspired to engage in further educational programmes; they will also take home their completed personally designed skateboard ready to ride or sell as the start for their own enterprise project. There is also the opportunity for students to move onto the intermediate course.

Beginners Six Week Workshop
Intermediate Six Week Workshop

Intermediate Six Week Course

Students attend one day per week. This course is our accredited professional ASDAN programme and a progression from the beginners six week course. Whilst including the flexibility of the beginners’ course students are expected to take a much more hands on approach to the designing of their own mould, making this and then pressing their own deck. Wood work skills are taught to enable them to shape and sand their own board. The art and designs that they have worked on then come to life in the form of their own custom built deck which is then fully finished to ride or sell within their enterprise project. Students completing this course are also able to become peer mentors and volunteers within The FAR Academy.

Eligibility and Entry Requirements

There are no restrictions on eligibility or entry requirements .

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