Build Your Own Skateboard

Build Your Own Skateboard

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned skater the thrill of riding your own custom built board is unbeatable.

Here at The FAR Academy you can design everything just the way you want it from moulding the veneer to the exact width, shape and your choice of kick; to the artwork, grip design not to mention your own personalised trucks and wheels.

The Quick Fix

Complete your own deck in a day. Design your own artwork, Grip and wheels; apply to a ready-made blank deck using stencils, spray paint or a combination of your own artwork. Give it a try out on our mini ramp and finish the day with your own custom deck to take home.

Build a pre-cut in two days

Design your own artwork, grip and wheels. Press your own pre-cut kit of seven veneers over a mould. Sand and finish the edges drill truck holes. Apply your own artwork using stencils, spray paint or a combination, grip and hardware application. Skate.

Bespoke from scratch

This project is for anyone who wants to make a totally one off personalised street deck or long board. The process can be completed in three full days or six half sessions. The design process will begin with the creation of your mould through to pressing un-cut veneers and then cutting and shaping your final design before you apply the artwork, grip and hardware.

We are the official UK supplier of Roarockit Canadian maple veneer and only use the finest quality products for our decks.

If you are interested in building your own skateboard please contact us for more information.

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